Should You Buy Windows With or Without Grids?

Grids or no grids on windows is a big question for all those who are contemplating to replace their windows. Muntins, grilles, or grids are the crisscross patterns on the windows that make a huge difference. Many people do not buy windows with grids thinking that it would be difficult to clean. Grid windows have their strengths, but they are not without drawbacks as well. Grid windows allow you to personalize your windows and give them an eye-catching look.

Popular window grid styles:

Many people stuck at should they buy windows with or without grids. Adding window grids to your window adds value to the house. They are timeless and look beautiful. If you are planning to replace your windows and add window grids, then you should choose the type of grid pattern according to the style of your home.

Most window manufacturers offer pre-furnished grids in a host of colors to match with the window frames. They come in the following materials:

  • Metal 
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Plastic composite materials

Now let’s take a look at different grid styles:

  • Colonial style grids:

Typically the colonial type of homes has divided light and double-hung windows with six glass panes separated by Muntins in the top and bottom panels of the windows. Colonial grids are a more traditional look. In simple words, these are divided into equal sections.

  • Prairie-style grids:

Prairie-style grids feature a larger square and in the middle. There are smaller squares in the corners. This style is usually used in farmhouse style homes.

  • Craftsman Grids:

These grid patterns are simplistic and look clean. This pattern is simply a top sash with two equally divided pans and bottom sash, which is clear of any grids. Many people find craftsman grids design too bland.

  • Diamond grids:

Diamond grids are used in the expensive homes. It is used by those people who want to make their windows stand out. This pattern is reminiscent of classic European architecture.

House styles that look good with grids:

Window grilles or window grids are a great way to add style to your home. They can accentuate your house, but make sure you choose the right type of window grid for your house.

  • Colonial homes:

Colonial is one of the most popular architectures in the United States. If you are looking for window grids for your colonial home, then you should stick to the traditional style and choose colonial-style grids. These grids look great on modern homes as well and give the house a classy look. They split the windowpane into a number of small panes. As a matter of fact, it is the most popular style of the grid used today and pairs perfectly with your home.

  • Victorian homes:

Victorian homes are large homes that have a romantic flare. Since Victorian homes came from gothic architecture, the window grids you choose must be different. People usually choose diamond window grids for their Victorian homes, but colonial grids also look good on these types of homes. Most homeowners go without a grille as they want a more traditional look. But there is a specific type of window grid for these homes that has 6 to 8 glass panels. It is called the Victorian grid.

  • Tudor homes:

Tudor homes have interesting rooflines, and these homes are characterized by exposed timber, stucco, and brick. Homeowners choose a diamond grid for windows in the Tudor homes. If you have a Tudor home and searching for the best grid for windows, then choose a diamond grid either for the entire window or a part of it.

  • Cottage home:

Cottage homes or farmhouse style homes are two-story homes, and it is always fun to experiment with grid style in these homes. In the cottage home, there is a living space on the ground floor and bedrooms in the second story. Cottage homes have fun exterior, and you can choose colonial-style grids for these homes as they give them a traditional look.

  • Modern homes:

The best thing with modern homes is that you can experiment with the window grids. You can choose colonial grids for windows as they look good with the exterior of the houses. Similarly, you can choose diamond grids as well because they accent a modern home wonderfully.

  • Prairie Style Homes:

Prairie Style Homes are simple, so you should keep the windows simple too. If you do not want to experiment with the window grids in a Prairie Style Home, then choose the grids named prairie grilles.

Grid Types:

Choosing window grids for a house is not that easy as you have to make sure that the type you choose complements your home. There are three types of grids, and each has different features:

  • Grids between glass:

These are color matched grids that are installed between the glass panes. Both the exterior and interior glass surface is smooth to touch. GBG or grids between the glass is an attractive and easy to clean option. It gives the windows a traditional look, and they are easy to clean too.

  • Simulated Divided Lites:

Simulated Divided Lites are designed to replicate the beautiful older windows. SDL gives the patio doors and Harvey windows a more dramatic look. Simulated divided lites as the name signifies simulates several single panes of glass set into the grids. To get this classic look, you have to apply three layers of grids: One on the interior and exterior surfaces of the glassine on Pewter in the glass grid.

  • Exterior grids:

Exterior grids are permanently attached to the windows and are great for historic districts. In exterior grids, color-matched grids are installed on the exterior surface of the glass. These grids are available in 5/8” or 1” profile.

  • Detachable grids:

As the name signifies, these are removable grids. They are also called goldilocks of grids as they offer a good middle ground option. They are not permanent so that you can make changes, but it is smart to avoid unnecessary changes.

Bottom line:

Window grids are a great addition to your home décor. Some people pay attention to everything while building a house, but when it comes to installing windows, they do not think much. Window grids can change the look of the house.

But choosing window grids can be overwhelming, especially if you have no information about the types and do not know what type or style of the grid would look beautiful on your home. Gridless windows look great when you want a modern look.

But if you go for a more traditional look, then choose a grid window for your house. If you are unable to decide, then you can go for detachable window grids as well. Since they are not permanent, they are flexible.

House is the place where you feel safe and comfortable. Everyone wants to make his house aesthetically beautiful, and attractive and windows grids can play a part.

So, choose the type of grids that go well with your house style.

Don’t get confused as there is a plethora of information about grilles and grids available online. Before buying grids for your windows, do a little homework so that you do not end up purchasing window grids that do not suit your house architecture.

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