Different Styles of Dining Chairs

Dining chairs can really make or break a dining room. They can totally change the look of a table. Comfort, style, and functionality all come into play when choosing the right dining chair for your table.

There are different types of dining chairs available in the market to suit multiple types of interior décor. They can help you assert the overall style of your dining room.

Are you looking for perfect dining chairs? Here is a guide that can help you in choosing the right chair for your dining table.

Popular styles:

No matter you like the look of a uniform set or want to mix it up with the collection of chair styles, following are a few styles that can help you in this:


Many people like to give their homes a traditional touch, and traditional dining chair helps them do this. The majority of traditional dining chairs are made using wooden frames. They can be upholstered or non-upholstered.

  • Shaker chairs:

It is a famous style that was first designed by a religious US-based group. Shaky chairs are not lavish dining chairs as they have clean lines and a deliberate lack of ornate details. These chairs are practical and simple that looks great with a variety of kitchen tables.

  • Period style antique chairs:

People who own historical homes want to add furniture in the house that looks good with the architectural style of their homes. They use genuine antique pieces or replicas. Following are some period style antique chairs:

  1. Jacobean:

They are reminiscent of castles and manors built in the medieval times. These dining chairs have sturdy construction. And ornate carvings and the dark finish of these chairs make them perfect for formal traditional dining rooms.

  1. Victorian:

These dining chairs look perfect in Victorian homes. The dark finish and elaborate carvings on these heavy dining chairs, reminiscent of the Victorian era.

  1. Windsor:

Windsor dining chairs are perfect for your vintage style home. Early English designers inspire these chairs. These chairs have spindle legs and a half-circle back that is supported by vertical rods.

  1. Regency:

The regency period was noted for its elegance and use of Roman and Greek elements in the architecture and furniture too. These chairs are made from hardwood and have ornately carved back. They have upholstered seats and delicate legs.

  1. Queen Anne:

These chairs are made from hardwood such as mahogany and walnut. These chairs are named after Queen Anne of England and have a delicate style. Queen Anne style dining chairs have drake feet and cabriole legs.

  1. Ladder-back chairs:

One of the simple styles that looks great with many décor styles is the ladder back style of dining chairs. These chairs have horizontal wooden slates on the along the back of the chairs. Usually, these chairs have wooden or wicker sears, but there are some designs that feature upholstered seats as well.

Contemporary/modern chairs:

Many people prefer modern/contemporary chairs in their dining rooms. These chairs usually have clean lines and are not overly decorative. They have the basic design of a more simple style of traditional chair and contemporary features. The fabric used on the upholstery of these chairs gives them a modern look. The majority of these chairs are made from a wooden frame. Also, metal and plastic material is used to build modern chairs.

Summing up:

There are different styles of dining chairs available out there. You should always choose dining chairs that go well with the home décor. Make sure that the chairs you choose look great with the architecture of the house. Of course, you do not want your house to look strange, so choose the right dining chairs for your home.

If you choose upholstered chairs, then choose the fabric thinking your home décor in mind. High backed chairs take up a lot of space, so if you do not have enough space in the dining room, then choose low backed chairs. High backed chairs are the best option for dining and are ideal for homes that have a lot of space in the dining area. So, choose the right type of dining chairs according to the space available in the house.

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