Shower Pods for Small Bathrooms

No matter it is in the downstairs cloakroom or a tiny en-suite, you can make your small bathroom as stylish as a large bathroom. With a few nifty tricks, you can turn your boring small bathroom into an elegant bathroom. Clear up all the clutter and make use of natural light to transform your smaller bathroom.

A shower is, of course, a bathroom necessity, and installing a shower pod means you do not need to compromise the moving space in your small bathroom. The best thing about the shower cabins/pods is that you can install them even after several years of using your bathroom.

What is a shower pod?

Do you think your bathroom is small? Do you know by using the right fixture, you can maximize your space? Shower cabins or pods are an economical and practical solution that maximizes the space in your bathroom. You do not need to compromise the moving space in your bathroom for brushing your teeth of doing makeup.

A shower cabin or pod is a complete shower enclosure with a tray and backing panels. All the internal surfaces of the cabin are sealed and waterproof. It includes a shower system and other incorporated features such as body jets etc. so that you can have an ultimate showering experience.

Shower pods- the perfect solution:

If you have a small bathroom, then installing a shower cabin or pod in the corner would be a great idea. With sliding shower doors, you do not need extra space to open them up.

Here is why installing the shower pods is a great idea:

  • Easy installation:

The shower pods come built-in sections, which makes the installation quite easy. However, you need a professional installer to do the job if you do not want to end up in a mess. It takes a few hours to complete the installation process. The best thing about these showers cabins/pods is that you can install them in the bathrooms on the top floor as well. You can transport these pods upstairs easily. Thus, making your old bathroom stylish is not that difficult anymore. Install shower cabins/pods, get enough space for a shower, and make your bathroom stylish.

  • Wide range of options:

Many people think that they have a small bathroom, so there are limited options when it comes to choosing the shower pods. But the fact is, having a small space does not limit your options. Shower cabins come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Usual shapes of these shower pods are:

  • Quadrant
  • Square
  • Pentagon

Choose a shape that suits your bathroom. Install them in the corner, center, or wherever you want to. Guess what the best part is? You can have a customize shower pod too.

  • Minimal maintenance required:

The shower pods require little to no maintenance. Just wipe them down with a clean and dry cloth to remove the soap build-up. These shower pods are durable as the materials used in manufacturing have a longer life. So, these pods will last longer if you take care of the cleanliness.

Shower cabins/pods do not leak all over the bathroom floor. So, there is no need to worry about slipping on the bathroom floor as the water will stay in the pod.

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