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How to Iron Clothes Fast: The Best Ironing Hacks

Are you searching for easy yet effective methods of decreasing the ironing time? We all acquaint that ironing is not the most pleasant chore, but it is one that you simply cannot get away from. In this post, we are going to sharing a few easy but effective instructions for assisting you in decreasing the amount of time spent just on ironing a few of your shirts. Whether you are ironing your dress shirts, pants, or other nice clothing, ironing can be a frustrating task. If your children are not old enough for paying to do so, check out the hacks mentioned in this article for making ironing a bit simpler.

The Advantages Of Ironing The Shirts:

If you actually care about being well turned-out, you have to learn how to iron your own clothes. Ironing can really affect your clothes; the manner a protein shake can really affect the body after hitting the fitness center. It can really target the fibers in your creased fabric and can straighten them out by releasing the chemical bonds. That procedure needs both the heat of your iron and the weight of the underside (its soleplate). Soon after, your shirt can return to the original form.

Although a few people say that it can also be attained through steaming (which can take less effort), the fact is there is nothing better than the clean pressing that just the hot iron will offer. If getting a wrinkle-free and nice shirt does not convince you that the ironing your clothes matters, here is the better picture:

Advantages Of Ironing The Shirts

  • You Will Have Some Significant Savings:

Even if you disburse a cheap rate of one dollar for each shirt for the dry cleaning, you can anticipate spending two hundred and forty dollars a year (since one shirt x twenty workdays = twenty shirts serviced every month). But you would not go anywhere near such an amount if you do the ironing on your own.

  • The Shirts Will Last Longer:

By ironing the shirt instead of having it dry-cleaned, you can really focus the cleaning/washing part on the parts that require it more (collar and cuffs) while working lightly on the other areas (body and sleeves). This type of adjustment might append additional years to the lifespan of your shirt.

  • You Control The Outcome:

At whatever time you require a crisp dress shirt right away (from a pile of your washed clothing), you can really make this happen without the unpredictability of the service of your cleaner.

Simple Methods Of Speeding Up The Ironing Time:Ways to Iron Clothes Fast

The following hacks can really help you in out in reducing the ironing time you spend every time on your shirts to make them look crisp and clean:

Best Ironing Hacks

  • Sort Everything By The Type Of Your Fabric And The Clothing Type:

Before you start, sort the clothing by both clothing type and fabric type. Because diverse fabric types tend to need diverse temp settings, it is a really huge time wastage to be continually changing the temp and waiting for your iron to cool down or actually heat up. Instead, iron all of the cotton, then all of the linens, and so on. It is also useful to sort within such fabric types the diverse clothing types. Shirts, trousers, skirts, and other types of clothing all need a bit of a diverse ironing method. Batching them can actually assist in speeding up the ironing time.

  • Keep The Iron Clean:

You may be astonished by how much an unclean iron can slow down your ironing procedure. A clean iron is really a competent iron. When a soleplate is unclean, you will have more resistance and less glide. The constancy of the heat will be affected as well. For the steam irons, the increase of the mineral deposits will affect the steam’s output. An unclean iron can really make it take even longer to get through the pile of shirts. A little basic maintenance will go a very long way to keep the ironworking optimally and clean. One easy trick is to iron the dryer sheet. It’ll assist you in removing any debris or residue stuck to your iron’s soleplate.

  • Damp Clothes First:

Clothes that are moist are much simpler to iron. Damping clothes can really take much less time to make them look great and wrinkle-free. There’re many methods of achieving this. You can take moist clothing right from your washer and begin ironing, you can make use of the spray and steam functions on the iron, or you can make use of the spray bottle for dampening your fabric. However, you carry it out, dampness is a friend, and it’ll assist you in getting through the pile much faster.

  • Make Use Of A Steam Generator Iron:

A steam generator iron is an incredible device that is assured to decrease the amount of time you really spend just on ironing your clothes. Steam is the key to remove creases and wrinkles, and a steam generator iron can really create massive amounts of steam, resulting in fewer strokes to get the clothes looking just like the new ones. A few models in the Philips range can even adjust the temp automatically for every type of fabric, so you would not need to separate the clothes or stop to adjust the temp settings manually, which is really a huge time saver.

  • Try The Ironing Board Hack:

Simply put, a piece of aluminum foil under cover of the ironing board you are going to make use of. This trick can really work by having the heat from your iron reflect off your aluminum foil, essentially allowing you to iron both sides of your fabric all at once.

  • Cheat A Little:

If you need to iron your shirt that is gonna be inside your suit, you can get off scot-free ironing only the visible parts. If nobody’s gonna see your shirt all day, then you can simply get away with ironing just the front and the collar of your shirt. It’s an extremely sneaky little time saver that can simply cut five to ten minutes off the ironing time.

  • Try Psychological Tricks:

If everything else just does not work, then you can simply try to speed up the ironing time by making use of the psychological tricks. First, set the timer when you iron and attempt to finish the task under that set time. Then, try to beat the record you have made previously. The odds are great that you are not being as competent as you could be just in the manner you move your iron. Challenge yourself until you get better. Another great method of tricking yourself into ironing quicker is to put on some cheerful music. Studies have established that speedy music can really make repetitive tasks well-organized, and ironing is not anything if not repetitive. A preferred song may also make ironing even more pleasant.


Hopefully, the instructions mentioned above will open the eyes of yours to some new tricks and tips when it comes to ironing your clothes. I found that switching to the steam generator iron was the major time saver. Even a budget steam generator iron can really assist you in spending less time ironing.

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