33 Pro-Tips On How To Cool Down Your Room Fast Without AC!

Is there anything terrible than being so hot to sleep? Possibly, but nobody likes to feel like they are fighting those perspiring sheets. Not just is the heat uncomfortable, it is terrible for the sleep, as well. The perfect temp for sleeping is somewhere in the low to middle-sixty degrees Fahrenheit. Actually, anything above seventy-five degrees can interfere with your sleep quality. If you live without AC, you no longer need to suffer throughout sweltering summer nights. Simply follow our top tips for staying cool at night without any air conditioning system.

How Can You Really Cool Down A Room?

Here’re some tips for assisting you in beating the heat and keep the house cooler when the AC isn’t functioning well enough or has gone out totally:

  1. Close Your Doors:

You’d be astonished at how much heat can travel through the doors, even if you’ve a storm door or screen in place. Basically, light can associate with heat. So you have to keep the house dark, and your doors closed up tight for keeping the excess heat out of the house.

  1. Close Your Windows:

When your AC is on the fritz, you ought to keep the sun from coming in through the windows. If you make use of blinds, they can assist you with this greatly. But you will have to keep those blinds closed. A few individuals roll them up for keeping the sunlight pointing up and out of the house, while other individuals close them down because it makes a darker ambiance. It’s really a personal preference of which you think can work great.

  1. Cotton Sheets On Your Bed:

When I moved into our new house, not having a traditional Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system took a little getting used to. I was used to having a home that was too cold, not too hot. But the primary thing I did for making my room a bit more comfortable was rolling back the comforter at night and ensured I utilized just the cotton sheets. Cotton can breathe where other materials do not, and it can reason the nights to be much hotter.

  1. A Fan & Ice:

It’s an old-style trick that individuals once utilized years ago when most individuals didn’t have AC. They’d put some ice in a big bowl. Then they would place this bowl in a place where the fan would blow across that. It makes a misty and cool breeze that feels amazing on the hot summer days.

  1. Focus On You:

At times when you cannot get the room temp down, you can still get the body temp down. You can carry out so by simply having cold beverages, applying some cool cloth to the wrist or neck area, and by putting on breathable and cooler clothing. But also attempt to freeze two-liter bottles with some water in them. Then put them under the feet. I do so for keeping my rabbits and me cool. If it assists in keeping a warm-blooded rabbit cool, it ought to assist you as well.

  1. Make Use Of The Ceiling Fans:

The ceiling fans are an excellent help in keeping the house cool enough. They can keep the air moving continually, which obviously cools the house down.

But be certain that your fans are rotating counter-clockwise throughout warm weather. It can assist the home in cooling better.

  1. Whole House Fans Are Great:

Until I was home shopping, I had never seen the whole house fan. They’re mostly in the older houses, but after seeing one in usage, I really desire one in my house. Basically, it’s this vent (more often than not in a hallway) that you can turn the knob, the vent simply opens, and the fan starts. It then can suck all of the hot air out of the house.

  1. Make Use Of The Exhaust Fans:

The majority of individuals have exhaust fans in both their kitchen and their bathrooms. If you’ve them, then make use of them. Basically, the manner they can pull steam out of the house when cooking,

they can pull the heat out of the house as well.

  1. Energy Efficient Bulbs:

The regular light bulbs aren’t that energy-efficient, but they create another issue as well. They radiate much excess heat when they’re creating energy, which clearly reasons a problem if you’ve no AC because it’s just compounding the issue of heat. So switch to the energy-efficient ones. They do not create as much heat.

  1. Open The Windows Strategically:

In my old home, it stayed quite cool, but I paid a high cost for that when the electricity bills came. Each summer, I would declare war on the electricity bill and would try everything for lowering it and keep the house cool naturally. So one of those things I did was to open the windows strategically. I am actually an early riser, and I am awake when it’s still cool outside. So I would open up my windows in the morning for cooling my home down, and then shut them when it started getting a little warm outside, this way at least my house would be at a decent temp in the mornings.

  1. Append Some Permanent Shade:

If the house has no protection from the scorching sun, then it’ll keep on beating directly down on top of that. It’s an issue because it denotes the home will be really hot. But you can resolve it by simply appending awnings to the windows, covered porches which will assist in offering a little shade, and even appending the shade trees. The less the sun directly hits the windows, the better off you’ll really be, and the cooler you will stay.

  1. Cook Strategically:

My mother has taught me this tip on keeping the house cool when the temps outside heat up. You will desire to either cook with the stove in the morning when it’s still colder outside or end cooking using the stove. But you can still cook by utilizing other ways. You can utilize the crockpot, your grill, Instant Pot, a rocket stove, or cook outside for still having tasty meals without heating up the house.

  1. Freeze The Hot Water Bottle:

It may sound a little backward, but the same manner you can fill up the hot water bottle for assisting with pains and aches, you can also fill this with cold water and then freeze it or ice.

Then you just put it in your bed with you at the feet for keeping you cool. It’s a great option because of the material of the bottle. It would not sweat and make a mess in the bed. But it’ll also take it a little longer for losing its coldness too.

  1. Freeze The Sheets & PJ’s:

I read a post once that told all about how individuals once stayed cool before AC. They did many interesting things, such as really constructing their houses in a manner that assisted them in staying cool. But they also did some basic things that we can carry out today regardless of how the houses are constructed. They’d really freeze their pajamas and sheets. It might sound a little crazy, but they acquainted the cooler their body temps stayed, the more comfortable they’d really be.

  1. Sleep With The Wet Sheet:

It might sound odd, but you can really make your towel or sheet damp with some cold water. You will then put it over you for keeping you cool when you are sleeping at night. But be certain to place a towel under you, so it does not reason the mattress to be damaged in the procedure. Keep in mind, the cooler you really stay, the better sleep you will get.

  1. Place The Box Fans Strategically:

Many individuals will pull out their box fans when the AC goes out. It’s a great idea, but there’s a strategic way of utilizing them. You will desire to put them in the window, but position them facing out of your windows. It’ll pull the hot air out of the house and blow it out of your windows, in turn, making the house cooler.

  1. Create The Cross Breeze:

Did you acquaint that you can really make your cross breeze right inside the house? Well, you can help with the usage of the box fans. So all you will have to carry out is to put a box fan across from the open window. It’ll make a really nice cross breeze for cooling the house down.

  1. Loose & Less:

When it comes to the hot summer season, hot weather, and no AC, it’s significant to keep in mind two simple words: loose and less. Basically, it denotes that you desire to sleep in the loose cotton PJs that’ll really breathe while you are sleeping. But also, you desire to sleep in less. Choose shorts instead of pants, and your tank-top instead of the completely blown sleep shirt.

  1. Sleep Solo:

It might not work for everybody, but if you can stand to be away from the loved one, then it’ll certainly assist you in keeping cooler. Basically, the body heat can make more warmth, which makes for the higher temp. If you can sleep solo, then you will stay cooler.

  1. Make Use Of The Pulse Points:

If you can use something cool to the pulse points, the body temp will decrease much faster. The pulse points are places located on the elbows, ankles, neck, wrists, feet, behind the knees, and groin area. So put the wet cloth or ice bag on any of such places for assisting in lowering the body temp and keeping yourself cooler.

  1. Stay Hydrated:

If you see, a lot of such instructions are to assist you while you’re sleeping because that’s a very hard time staying cool, and the bodies sweat a lot trying to keep the body temps lower. So it’s significant to drink a lot of water before going to bed, so you do not become dehydrated by all of that sweating.

  1. Suspend The Bed:

If you’re capable of sleeping in the bed that’s above your ground, then you can really have the airflow around you. So if you’ve a hammock or a cot that you can sleep really comfortably on or in, then it may be a great option while the AC is out.

  1. Sleep In Your Basement:

If you do not have the basement, then you will desire to sleep in the lowest level of the home when the temperatures are hot, and the AC is on the fritz. So if you did not acquaint the heat cab rise which denotes if you sleep on the lowest level of the house, then the heat will really rise above you, and you will stay cooler.

  1. Take The Cold Shower:

I have never been a fan of the cold shower until it became really wretched in the bathroom for taking a super hot shower. Now, the colder showers feel superb. Just keep in mind not to come in from being in very high temps and take the cold shower. It can reason you to get a heart attack potentially. So utilize good judgment.

  1. Cold Feet:

The feet have all types of pulse points, and so do the ankles. You will desire to be certain to wash the feet first, so you do not make the water muddy. But once they’re all clean, put the feet in the bowl or bucket of ice water. It’ll assist in cooling the core temp down.

  1. Put The Wet Sheet To Use:

We spoke about sleeping with the wet sheet over you, but you can make use of the wet sheet in a diverse form as well. So you will desire to wet the sheet using some cold water, and then hang that over the open window. A breeze will blow through your wet sheet and make coolness in the house.

  1. Ditch Your Electronics:

If you have ever touched the electronics after it’s been on for a moment, then you acquaint how hot they can really be. So when you are not using the electronics, unplug them. It’ll assist in putting a halt to the excess heat being produced inside the house.

  1. Try Out The Bamboo Mat:

If you do not have a method of sleep suspended to make the airflow, and then attempt to sub out the mattress for the bamboo mat.

Now, I acquaint a bamboo mat that is not really comfortable than the mattress. But you need to keep in mind that it would not contain the heat like a cotton mattress that is thick will. Or you can buy the mat for going over the mattress.

  1. Buckwheat:

Did you acquaint that the buckwheat could be utilized for more than just making really amazing pancakes? Well, it really can! Actually, you can utilize it for stuffing the pillow when you’re attempting to stay cooler. Your buckwheat will not absorb the heat like the other things utilized for stuffing the pillows.

  1. Rice:

If you require a method of cooling down but do not have a hot water bottle or the ice pack, do not worry. You can really make one of your own. So you will have to put rice inside your sock. Then freeze it for about an hour. After it’s frozen, you will have an amazing little homemade ice pack.

  1. Window Units:

My mother never had Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system in her house. She always utilized the window units. They worked magnificently if you utilized a few of such other instructions for keeping the heat out. Plus, they were cheaper to replace or repair. So if you would want to have some kind of AC, but do not desire to spend a fortune, then simply contemplate appending a few of these to the house.

  1. Cover The Windows & Doors:

I acquaint we have already discussed closing your blinds and the doors, but there’re additional steps you can really take. When my sister found out that I was declaring war on the electricity bills, she passed this point to me. She told me to make use of blankets and towels for covering the windows. Then roll up the towels and put them at the bottom of my door on the floor for keeping cold air from escaping and the heat from coming in. The house feels like the dark cave, but it certainly assisted in the situation.

  1. Ductless Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning System:

It’s what I’ve in my new house. It’s a much less pricey alternative to the typical Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning units. It’s a lot more energy-efficient. Basically, the ductless Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning unit sucks in the air from outside and then changes it into the heat or cool air. It’s a thermostat in your house to let it acquaint how much for really blowing. However, you need to make use of fans for transferring the air through your house because there’re no vents in your home at all.


Well, you now have over thirty diverse options for keeping yourself and the house cool throughout the hot summer season when you’ve no AC. As stated, a few of such ideas can even be utilized for assisting you in lowering the cooling bill this season. If you can keep the house cool naturally, then the AC would not need to work as much.

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