How Much Do Pumpkins Weigh?

Be it Halloween or thanksgiving; pumpkins play an important role in western festivities. People use them in creative ways to celebrate festivals. As a matter of fact, there is no fall without pumpkins. Pumpkins are easy to grow. They produce edible seeds and meat that can be eaten as a savory or sweet dish. 

Well, that’s up to you how you want to eat it, but you would love the grandma’s baked pumpkin pie and puddings. But how much do pumpkins weigh? This question arises in mind every time you see a big giant pumpkin. Today, we will try to find out how much do this fruit/vegetable weigh.

Pumpkins are members of the Cucurbitaceous. They grow well in most climate zones, but northern gardeners may need to use frost protection for cold springs.

How much do Pumpkins Weigh?

The size and weight of a pumpkin depend on the type and variety. Giant pumpkins need to be weighted using big scales. But not everyone has access to these large scales to measure their pumpkins.

Prudence F120-25lbs
Atlantic Giant200-400lbs
Big Max100-110lbs
Early King22-28lbs
Baby Bear1.5-2.5 lbs
Jack O’lantern18-24lbs
White Lumina10-12lbs
Orange Smoothie5-8lbs
Sugar Pie2-6lbs
New England Pie5-8lbs
Winter Luxury7-8lbs
Autumn Gold10-15lbs
Connecticut Field15-25lbs
Mammoth Gold40-60lbs
Baby Boo<1lbs
Big Moon100-110lbs
Ghost Rider15-30lbs
Pankow’s Field20-30lbs
Big Tom15-25lbs
Triple Treat6-8lbs
Harvest Moon10-15lbs

So, here is an easy method to figure out how much do pumpkins weigh. All you need is a measuring tape and a pumpkin, of course:

  • You should start by measuring the circumference. Take the measuring tape and start measuring it all the way around the pumpkin. You should keep your tape parallel with the ground.
  • Now place the measuring tape on the ground at the side of the pumpkin at its widest point.
  • Then start the measurement on the ground by stem. Just lay the tap over the pumpkin to the ground at the blossom end.
  • Now add the three measurements together and look up the total on the table given below. The nearest number would be the weight of your pumpkin.

There are plenty of factors that go into determining how large your pumpkin will get. No matter how large it is, you can easily take the measurements to determine its weight.

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