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BREAKING: US Navy Just Unveiled Their Insane New Weapon The World Has Never Seen, North Korea Crapping Their Pants

BREAKING: US Navy Just Unveiled Their Insane New Weapon The World Has Never Seen, North Korea Crapping Their Pants

The United States with president Trump at the helm has decided to send out the alert that we will no longer be stepped on and treated like a red headed step child. To this end, we have intervened with at least one dictator and put the fear of God into ISIS, and that was just last week.

The ever present danger of North Korea and it’s sissy leader, Kim Jong-un has not gone unnoticed, and the President has vowed that their nuclear presence will no longer be ignored. They are going to have to get in line or else.

The “or else” part is going to be enforced partly with the help of the Navy’s newest high powered destroyer.

Via Breaking Defense:

“NATIONAL HARBOR: The long-delayed supercarrier Gerald Ford should set sail for builders’ trials this week, the head of Naval Sea Systems Command said today. If those builders’ trials and subsequent Navy acceptance trials go well, Vice Adm. Thomas Mooretold reporters at the Sea-Air-Space conference here, ‘I think we’ll get the ship delivered in the April-May timeframe and then we can move on with commissioning.’

As America’s first all-new carrier design since the Nimitz in 1976, the Ford class will serve into at least into the 2070s. But many of their escorts will be late-model Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, so-called “Flight III” updates of a 1980s design whose first ship, DDG-51, was commissioned in 1991. That’s why the Navy is brainstorming a next generation Future Surface Combatant, aiming to solicit design proposals from industry around 2020.

‘DDG’s a great class of ship… but we’re never going to build Flight IV, we need to move on,’ Moore said. ‘It’s probably time for us to work from a clean sheet.’

Moore is on a steering committee for the clean-sheet Future Surface Combatant, along with three-star counterparts from the Navy staff (OPNAV) and the operational fleet. The idea is to have warfighters, shipbuilders, and budgeteers working together from the start, instead of one group coming up with unrealistic requirements for a super-ship the others can’t build or can’t afford.

Below the 3-star panel, Moore said, ‘there’ll be a working level group at the one or two-star level that will come back and present us with concepts and a plan of action, and we’ll go back to the CNO (the Chief of Naval Operations, Adm. John Richardson). I’d expect we would formally kick this off at the DoD 5000 (regulation) level — where we have a charter and we start working on an AOA (Analysis of Alternatives) — probably at the end of this summer.’

What does this mean for our enemies? Well, pretty much anything we want it to. This is going to mean even more versatility for our Navy, and hopefully a little more respect from our enemies who threaten to use nuclear weapons against us.

It becomes a vicious cycle with these nuclear weapons if it’s not gotten in hand quickly. The super powers don’t want ever little warlord having the ability to wipe some other country off the map, so they crack down on the countries that have the dangerous weapons. If the short-sighted little countries happen to have already gotten their hands on the dangerous stuff, it’s kind of a standoff trying to relieve them of it without their pulling the trigger.

The U.S. Navy is the force being moved by President Trump at the moment to sit at North Korea’s front door and put a little bite behind our bark. The President has shown that he won’t hesitate to use force to protect the innocent. Unfortunately for those in North Korea, their leader is far less worried about their well being than his own feelings. His tests of nuclear weapons is what’s been getting him in trouble in the first place, and since the only thing that anyone has against him is that he’s got nukes, it stands to reason that his plans for them are to expand his own reign at the expense of others.

Thankfully, the United States is a country dedicated to squashing out the bullies in order to ensure peace for the future. While we are sometimes criticized for using force, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and using some prevention now, could save millions of lives and untold devastation later. So yes, we’re a superpower, and yes we like our military toys, but keeping the world safe is a thankless job, so don’t be hating on us for finding a little joy in it.




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