Beautiful Home Design Ideas That Will Make You Rethink Your Space

Floating furniture, a Modular closet system, and changing up your accent colors are all beautiful home design ideas that will make you rethink your space. Incorporating these simple changes into your space will give you a fresh new look every season. From neutral to bold and colorful, you’ll be inspired to make any room your own. Here are some more tips to help you get started.

Floating furniture

If your bedroom is long and narrow, you have several options for furniture placement. For instance, you can place a midcentury-modern-inspired sofa up against the wall, creating an airy pathway. You can also place a glass top coffee table to create the illusion of a larger room. These and many other options will make you rethink your space and your style! Beautiful home design ideas that will make you rethink your space will inspire you to change your furniture, too!

Modular closet system

Closets don’t have to be ugly or expensive. A deep alcove with sliding doors can make a perfect nook. A modular closet system can make a custom layout possible without breaking the bank. Neutral colours go with uniform wood units and a soft grey rug. Add a few indoor plants to liven things up. Then, use glass doors to protect expensive designer pieces.

Adding a gallery wall

Adding a gallery wall will change the way you think about your space and make it more fun to live in. To make a gallery wall work, choose pictures that have a similar subject matter. For example, you can use family photos, travel pictures, or your kids’ art. If you want symmetry, try using similar sizes. Adding a gallery wall takes a bit of patience and planning, but if you follow these tips, your statement wall will look great.

Swapping accents seasonally

Swapping accents seasonally in home design is an excellent way to update your decor throughout the year. While plaid may not be a groundbreaking design choice, switching out your wall decor can create a whole new feel for your space. Changing your accent colors can also give you a new sense of excitement each season. You can bring nature indoors by displaying wooden wall art, for example. For even more decorating ideas, you can hire a personal decorator to help you with your project.

Adding built-in shelving

A beautiful set of shelves can give your space a classic yet modern look. Depending on your display needs, you can choose floating or bracketed shelving. You can also choose to place artwork directly on the shelves. Using the right balance of objects and books can make your shelves look both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This will make you love your home again! The next time you’re considering redesigning your home, add some built-in shelves to your design.

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