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WHOOPI GOLDBERG Blasts Ben Carson For Comparing Slaves to “Immigrants”

WHOOPI GOLDBERG Blasts Ben Carson For Comparing Slaves to “Immigrants”

Whoopi Goldberg was not pleased that Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson had compared slaves to “immigrants” knowing well she is a black woman.

Goldberg blasted Carson for hearing him state that slaves are people who come and live in foreign countries. Both Her and Carson are Black Americans, and to hear this come from a fellow black person may have made her go livid.

When the host of “The View on Tuesday” asked her how it was that Carson missed that slaves did not come to America voluntarily. Her comment came from remarks Carson made during a staff meeting on Monday when he said that.

“there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships, worked even longer, even harder for less.”

Goldberg replied by saying that.

“Maybe we need to get him [Carson] a history book, I mean were the slaves really thinking about the American dream? No, because they were trying to understand, ‘what the hell just happened?’

“When people immigrate they come with the idea that they’re going someplace for a better life,” she added. “That’s why people immigrate to America everyday. It’s voluntary, but the slaves…we were not voluntary. We looked up and one minute we thought ‘hey what an amazing land.’ And the next thing we knew we were like ‘uh-huh, what just happened?’”

Goldberg finished by telling Carson to mind his roots.

“How does he miss what slavery is,” Goldberg exclaimed. “How does he miss that no slave came to this country willingly? I’m sorry, Ben, ‘Roots’ watch ‘Roots.’”

Carson clarified his remarks on Facebook by saying that, “slave narrative and immigrant narrative are different experiences.” He wrote on his Facebook wall.

“I’m proud of the courage and perseverance of Black Americans and their incomprehensible struggle from slavery to freedom,” Carson wrote. “I’m proud that our ancestors overcame the evil and repression that we know as slavery. The slave narrative and immigrant narrative are two entirely different experiences.”

“Slaves were ripped from their families and their homes and forced against their will after being sold into slavery by slave traders,” he added. “The Immigrants made the choice to come to America. They saw this country as a land of opportunity. In contrast, slaves were forced here against their will and lost all their opportunities.”

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