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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Challenges Black Professor on White Privilege

WATCH: Tucker Carlson Challenges Black Professor on White Privilege

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed a black professor who supports the idea of “individual reparation accounts” for white Americans to atone for what he called a systemic injustice against blacks and other minorities.

Georgetown University professor and inveterate race-baiter Michael Eric Dyson made the suggestion Thursday night as a solution for whites who feel compelled to do something for the plight of those who suffer from “white privilege.”

Carlson told Dyson that he supports charity but not “collective guilt,” pointing out that the professor, who wants to preach to white Americans about their “collective responsibility” and an “ethic of compassion,” is more privileged than many whites in the country.

“Responsibility and guilt are synonyms in this case. Let’s be specific. Privilege. I’m privileged, and I wouldn’t deny that — and I am white — because I have a good-paying job. But you’re privileged too. We live near each other, nice neighborhood, you’re rich, you went to an Ivy League school, unlike me. And so you are way more privileged than most white Americans,” Carlson pointed out.

“So why would they owe you something?” he asked the professor.

The professor didn’t address the point, because he couldn’t.

He went on to say that “privilege is contingent on the context on which it’s defined,” and then he had the nerve to say that Carlson’s point was weak because it didn’t mean that economic accumulation could prevent anyone from experiencing racial inequalities, yet he wants white people to give black people money.

It makes no sense.

Watch the interview below

Dyson, author of “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America,” is part of the racial problem this country is experiencing.

He has accused President Donald Trump of promoting “white racist supremacist nationalism.” His past courses at Georgetown indicate that he promotes, and makes money from, the kind of racism he preaches against.

It would actually hit him in the pocketbook to see racial problems in this country eliminated.


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