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Watch: Liberal Welfare Woman Steps On American Flag

Watch: Liberal Welfare Woman Steps On American Flag

All these people who live off welfare, certainly need a lesson in just how they have the freedom to act stupid. I say draft all these people who live off welfare. Don’t correct me…if they had jobs they would not have the time or the inclination to do stupid things, just like one welfare leech named Erica Walker did during a protest.

First, this liberal woman did the most disrespectful thing as she stepped all over the American flag with a big, stupid smile on her face.

The soldiers who stand behind her behind her couldn’t look her and turned their backs.

t that point, one of this woman’s friends shouts “we got them,” and she chuckles with glee.

Doing this, she is showing the world how stupid she is! She doesn’t realize because of the flag and our military she has the right to disrespect it. It’s time a very strong law is made jail and a high fine.

Watch the video:

Bet if that was a check from the government for her she wouldn’t be standing on it!!!

This is wrong. This liberal welfare recipient is standing on the flag that feeds her entire family of leaches.

She is stepping on the very thing that represents the people who went overseas and fought so that her lazy a** can stay home and get a check in the mail thanks to Obama. But, when the enemy comes knocking at her door she can find someone else besides the US Military to defend her.

The government needs to check and make sure that she or anyone also caught disrespecting the flag, or breaking any laws isn’t on any government assistance and if they are, take them off any assistance! If they can be out acting like a jerk then they can work and pay their own way!




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