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WATCH: Fox Reporter Makes Shocking Hillary Indictment Prediction, Media STUNNED

WATCH: Fox Reporter Makes Shocking Hillary Indictment Prediction, Media STUNNED

Democrat Hillary Clinton is scared of no one when it comes to winning the elections. She is not even touched by the FBI and their re-opened investigation regarding her email server hacking. Now, a Fox Reporter predicts what should make Hillary Clinton worried, as well as her supporters.

For the first time ever America may be electing a president that has been indicted, according to reporter Chris Wallace.


First of all, there is the distraction this could pose. America is in need of some serious leadership. There are some vital issues that will require the new Commander-in-Chief’s immediate attention.

If Clinton becomes President now, she will have to devote a portion of her day, every day, to beating back accusations and discussing legal strategy. She may not be able to meet with generals who, for example, are noticing increased tensions in the Persian Gulf. She would not have the time to pay attention to a critical issue, like a large flood hitting a state. She may not be able to adequately answer that “3 A.M. phone call” she was so concerned about way back in 2008.

Additionally, tensions with Russia remain extremely high. Hillary’s threats to establish a no-fly zone over Syria could lead to increased harassment and conflict. Careful diplomacy is needed and one false move from a distracted Commander-in-Chief could have disastrous consequences.

Though Clinton would be a distracted President, she’d also be an unethical one. Clinton is extremely self-involved, with a heart of envy and malice. She is as unpredictable and selfish as Emperor Nero.

Let’s be honest, Clinton doesn’t care about the country. Yes, she cares about being the leader of the country, but not about the United States itself. Perhaps Hillary should take a cue from another leader who faced a difficult choice.

During one particular speech, this person said he desired to continue on in his presidency. He said his “family unanimously urged me to.” He said that even though he wanted to fight for “personal vindication” it would “absorb” many of the different issues his country was facing at the time.


This great leader decided to do the right thing. He resigned and turned over his power to the Vice President.

My fellow Americans, this was Richard Nixon. I have quoted from his famous Watergate resignation speech. It was a selfless act that was in America’s best interests. And no one can honestly imagine Hillary Clinton making the same sacrifice.

She will never resign from anything. Rather, she would have to be dragged out of the Oval Office kicking and screaming.

Hillary Clinton demonstrates nothing but selfishness with her acts and it is about time she ended up behind bars. Vote Donald trump so America can finally see the light of day.


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