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Sanders Campaign Prepares For Run As An Independent

In a move sure to shake the Democrat party to it’s core Bernie Sanders’ campaign is not yet done fighting their revolution against the establishment.

A quiet burst of activity from the Sanders campaign seems to all but guarantee that Sanders will run as an independent this election cycle. All across the country Sanders’ core infrastructure of volunteers and paid staff are mobilizing to collect signatures and perform necessary paperwork to get him on the general election ballots in the states.

Officials highly placed within the Sanders campaign remain evasive and deny that the senator plans, at this time, to run as an independent. Bernie’s campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, has stated time and time again that they intend to go all the way to the convention and make the case that Sanders should be the Democratic nominee for the 2016 general election. But the Sanders campaign is actively engaging in activities, within the states, that have no other purpose besides putting Sanders in the position of being able to run as an independent candidate against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

If Bernie were to run in the general election, as the evidence of his campaign’s actions point to, it could disastrously impact Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s ability to win against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. With present polling showing Clinton ahead of Trump in the general election by only six points, even a small split of democratic/democratic leaning independent voters would virtually guarantee a Trump victory and presidency. And with divisiveness and disunity within the Democratic party over policy direction and candidate choice at an all time high, polling experts say Sanders could syphon off as much as 20% of the democratic vote in a 3 candidate general election.

Many of Bernie supporters have been openly and vocally calling for the senator to run as an independent if he fails to secure the Democratic nomination. Citing unfair favouritism toward Clinton by the DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, highly suspicious deviations between primary exit polling and election results, Sanders supporters have made the argument that the systematic corruption within the Democratic party will not allow progressive ideas and platforms to flourish if the party elite believe they can act with impunity and still count on the vote of progressives. It has been reported that Sanders is privately supportive of this type of analysis, and his coming independent candidacy will be engineered to force the party to the left, going forward, if they wish to compete against Republicans on a national level.


Sources within the Bernie campaign, speaking on conditions of anonymity, say that Bernie has indeed been seriously considering an independent run, and wishes to ensure the option is available to him by performing the necessary work now. If Bernie were to wait until after the convention to lay the legal foundation for an independent run it would be too late. It is this fact that explains the Sanders campaign’s actions toward inclusion on state ballots as an independent at this time.

Other sources are convinced that Bernie is planning on a

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