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Rasmea Odeh Arrested And Striped Off US Citizenship

Rasmea Odeh Arrested And Striped Off US Citizenship

Democrats and illegals run for cover, after major arrest threatened their agenda!

The media (conservative, of course) have announced that Rasmea Odeh has been taken in.

As you may know, she was the woman behind the killings of two Jewish students while they were grocery shopping in 1969. The first time she was imprisoned was because she withheld information regarding her citizenship.

Rasmea’s citizenship will be now taken away, and she will be forced to return to Jordan.

This comes after she refused to uncover the fact she was incarcerated for being involved in two terror assaults.

However, she bargained a plea letting her not to spend time in American jails.

Rasmea is a well know terrorist conspirator who took part in the Women’s March as well as in the “A Day Without A Woman” movement.

She is know to have appealed the people of America and the world via a letter sent to the The Guardian, to join her in the “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”
Still, the New York Post stated a completely different story. Namely, Rasmea was charged with two terrorist assaults in Israel.
Unfortunately, she was released back in 1969 as a result of a prisoner exchange.

People like her deserve nothing but the worst and we hope they drag every democrat down with them!

It is about time we start bringing masses of people in, so America can finally eradicate the pests harming it.

What do you think about this? Is this the way to handle all people like Rasmea?

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