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New York Times Columnist Calls Trump’s First 100 Days ‘A Horror’

New York Times Columnist Calls Trump’s First 100 Days ‘A Horror’

Donald Trump’s presidency so far has been the leading topic for many journalists and analysts.

While the opinions differ at times, it is doubtless that Trump brought progress within the country.

Well, New York Times columnist Charles Blow doesn’t agree with the popular opinion and decided to rant on Trump’s 100 days in office so far.

Called “100 Days of Horror,” Blow’s article says Trump’s administration is “reportedly trying desperately to ‘rebrand’ the colossal failure of the first 100 days as some kind of success.”

He noted:

Trump’s legislative agenda has been stymied. The drip, drip, drip of negative news about connections between campaign associates and Russia — and Russia’s efforts to impact our election — continues unabated. He seems to have no real strategy for governance other than pouting and gloating. His advisers are at each other’s throats. And the public has soured on him to a historic degree.’

Unlike him, New York Post’s Michael Walsh also wrote an article saying Trump’s first 100 days in service went “better than you think.”

Furthermore, Walsh pointed out Trump’s foreign policy agenda is better than initially believed and said the “Beltway media continues to depict the White House as a floundering, latter-day court of the Borgias.”

Dana Loesch also had a say in the matter on “America’s Newsroom”, keeping the focus on the “biased” behavior the New York Times shows.

In her mind, one of Trump’s biggest achievements was the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Although she didn’t often see eye-to-eye with the president and his ideas, she is “pleased with the number of things I’ve seen done correctly.”

Additionally, she noted that if it was up to her to grade Trump’s work so far, she would give him an A- or B+ and probably more after the Concealed Carry National Reciprocity Act is passed and signed.

It is good to know Trump is still backed by some decent- thinking liberals!

What do you think about Trump’s 100 days in office?

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