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‘Game On’: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Just Agreed to Debate

Donald Trump just told late night host Jimmy Kimmel that he’d be willing to debate Bernie Sanders in California “for charity.” And Sanders is game.

Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, was asked if he’d be willing to debate Senator Bernie Sanders ahead of California’s primary since Hillary Clinton rejected a Democratic debate invitation from Fox News. Surprisingly, the billionaire real estate developer was warm to the idea, saying he’d debate Sanders as long as the hosting network was willing to donate the ad revenue proceeds from the event to charity.

It didn’t take Sanders long to respond to Trump, tweeting his acceptance of the challenge:


The venue, host, and time of the hypothetical debate has yet to be announced, though it’s likely one could be arranged in the coming two weeks before the June 7 contest.

The former Secretary of State has come under criticism this week for her refusal to debate Sen. Sanders, given that she agreed to four additional presidential debates in February, with one debate every month. The Democratic candidates have debated three times, and the Sanders campaign has pushed for a debate in California, the state with the most pledged delegates at stake out of all states and territories. Clinton reneged on that promise recently, flatly refusing to debate.

With a pledged delegate deficit of just 272 delegates, Sanders could enter the Democratic National Convention in a virtual pledged delegate tie with Clinton should he win California by a convincing margin. That isn’t entirely impossible, as a new poll conducted by the Public Policy Institute of California shows the Vermont senator in a statistical dead heat with Clinton among likely primary voters.

According to CBS News, Hillary Clinton’s campaign did not comment on the potential debate between her primary opponent and the likely Republican nominee.


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