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Former South Korean President Jailed Over A High Profile Corruption Scandal

Former South Korean President Jailed Over A High Profile Corruption Scandal

It’s surprising to see a small country has a better judicial system than we do. In this case South Korea! They show us they support their laws and those evolved in corrupt politics are held accountable.

At least South Korea did something to their traitor.

South Korea’s first female president Park Geun-hye, was arrested Friday morning in Seoul over bribery allegations that saw her impeached and removed from office earlier this year after many protesters on the streets demand her resignation and arrest because of the crimes.

A court approved her arrest before dawn on Friday, on charges of bribery, abuse of authority, coercion and leaking government secrets, she was immediately driven to a detention center.

65-year-old former president Park was accused of colluding with friend and advisor Choi Soon-sil of soliciting donations from Korean businesses, most notably Samsung, to foundations friendly to Park’s legislative agenda in exchange for political favors. Choi and the acting head of electronics giant Samsung, Lee Jae-Yong, have also been arrested over the scandal. They are being held in the same detention center where former president Park has now been sent but they are being tried separately.

Prosecutors believe Ms.Park conspired with Choi to bully 16 business groups, including Samsung, to donate $69m for the launch of two non-profits that Choi controlled.
For the record, the warrant for Ms.Park’s arrest dictates she be held for 20 days, in the meantime prosecutors will continue to build a case against the disgraced politician.

With this South Korea is sending a good example! Clintons must be arrest for doing the same thing! This is no different than Hillary Clinton’s collusion as secretary of state with businesses and foreign states in seeking donation’s to the Clinton Foundation. (WATCH)

The arrest would be a good thing for our country. Would show the world that no one is above our laws! If there is no justice for them, would open the door for others to do the same thing! We are a country of laws, for the good of all!




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