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First Lady Melania And President Trump Will Skip The Oscars

First Lady Melania And President Trump Will Skip The Oscars

Meryl Streep may get all the awards in the world, but she’ll still abuse every time she gets on stage to bash President Donald Trump. Most celebrities just get their trophies, and walk away graciously. But, if Streep is already getting ready for her next speech, she will definitely hate this one.

Streep will probably get the award again, and yes, she’ll definitely “dedicate” her speech to the Trumps. But, First Lady Melania and President Trump definitely know how to respond to such provocations.

Hollywood celebrities live to seek attention, so if attention is what gives them money, then the best way to shut them is to stop watching them. That’s what the first couple will be doing this weekend. The First Lady and the President announced that they won’t attend the event, because they have something more important to do.

“Melania Trump is going to host her first White House event (the Governor’s Ball) and it will be competing with Hollywood’s famed Oscars event,” sources say. The timing says it all. The First Lady knows how to avoid negative people and their lame comments.

It was about time that the first family does something to shut liberal celebrities, and let them enjoy their own moments of desperation. Hollywood is full of trash, and unfortunately, the class is almost gone. In any other case, the first family would gladly attend such important event, but this time they’ll skip all the nonsense. That’s a smart move, you have to admit, and now everyone will finally understand who is in charge. We chose a strong man to be our president, and he won’t expose his family to any trouble. That’s what wise men do, and we cheer to that.

What do you think about Melania’s response? Will liberal celebrities held another anti-Trump speech?




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