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Father Of 18-Year-Old Rockville Rapist Arrested!

Father Of 18-Year-Old Rockville Rapist Arrested!

The entire nation was shocked to hear about the heinous rape that happened recently in Rockville, Maryland. The incident became even more aggravated after it was found out that the two boys were in the country illegally. Well now, ICE has made an arrest connected to the crime.

The students, 17 and 18, had been arrested and quickly released though they had no citizenships and were even permitted to go to a public high school as freshmen. The two perpetrators cornered the 14-year-old girl and forced her to give them oral pleasure as they raped and sodomized her. The victim begged them to stop and police reports say that blood and DNA were discovered at the crime scene.

Well, now the father of the 18-year-old perpetrator has been apprehended. The 43-year-old Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes was arrested by ICE agents after a review of his immigration history revealed he was unlawfully present in the United States,” said ICE spokesperson Sarah Rodriguez. The man is held in custody at the Howard County Detention Center in Jessup.

Sanchez-Reyes is the father of Henry Sanchez-Milian, the older of the two accused rapists and he too is an undocumented immigrant. Past August, Sanchez-Milian was arrested by a border patrol official. “He was stopped at the border and detained by ICE,” said Sanchez-Milian’s attorney, Andrew Jezic.

“He was detained for 12 days, but then ICE made the discretionary decision to simply let him go. They put him on a plane in Texas and his father had to pay for the ticket. His father picked him up at BWI Airport and he’s been in this country with the full awareness of ICE.”

The lawyer stated that his client is asserting that the despicable bathroom rape of the helpless schoolgirl was consensual and planned in advance.Be sure to let us know what you think about this and also share this story on Facebook and Twitter to spread the truth.




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