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Ex-Obama Officials Reveal True Nature Of Syrian Attack

Ex-Obama Officials Reveal True Nature Of Syrian Attack

President Trump’s missile attacks on the Assad regime have re-opened the differences between past Obama administration officials over their much-criticized Syrian policy.

Even though some Barack Obama allies belittled Trump and defended the stance of the former administration’s diplomatic strategy, others could barely contain their alleviation that the U.S. had taken military action in reaction to chemical weapon use.

“Donald Trump has done the right thing on Syria. Finally!! After years of useless handwringing in the face of hideous atrocities,” tweeted Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former policy planner in Obama’s State Department.

Slaughter lauded Trump for doing what some say Obama should have done years ago: punish Syrian President Bashar Assad for using chemical weapons on civilians.

Obama promised in 2012 that this sort of actions would cross a “red line.” But he was unable to enforce the vows a year later when hundreds of Syrians were murdered by sarin gas and alternatively brokered a multi-nation deal in which Assad pledged to get rid of his chemical-weapons stockpile.

Kerry, on the other hand, was particularly frustrated about such diplomatic initiatives having no military backbone, even as he showed public support for the deal and stated — erroneously, it wound up — removing “100 percent of the chemical weapons.”

“I think you’re looking at three people, four people in the administration who have all argued for use of force, and I lost the argument,” Kerry told a group of Syrians last year at a United Nations meeting, according to an audiotape obtained by The New York Times.

Regarding Trump’s missile strikes, a source connected to Kerry said he was “absolutely supportive” of the mission and “gratified to see that it happened quickly,” according to Politico.

Another ex – Obama official was quoted in the exact same article stating, “Our administration never would have gotten this done in 48 hours. … It’s a complete indictment of Obama.”

Kerry has made no open statements since Navy warships on Thursday launched dozens of missiles directly into a Syrian airbase from which Assad evidently launched his chemical attack on civilians early on in the week, murdering 87.

Susan Rice, an Obama national security counselor, earlier this year lauded the administration’s attempts to get Assad to “verifiably” give up the stockpile without the threat of force — informing NPR that the move met with Obama’s desire “not to intervene in the civil war.”

She also has not openly commented on the missile attack.

Nevertheless, Ben Rhodes, an ex – deputy national security adviser for Obama, has posted several tweets criticizing Trump, such as one that indicated the president’s purpose was to “generate … positive” press.



“Strikes could not have ended the violence in Syria or removed all of the (chemical weapons) which was destroyed through diplomacy,” Rhodes said in one post.

He also stood by the administration’s choices, cryptically, as a reply to The Wall Street Journal’s Bret Stephens, who wrote: “You had the chance to stop genocide, chaos, a refugee crisis, Russia’s intervention, @brhodes. You did nothing. Try shame instead of snark.”

“I respect your passion,” Rhodes responded. “But giving any US Administration agency for all the forces at work in Syria only makes finding solutions harder.”




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