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Donald Trump Asked For Review On $14 Billion Worth Of Obama’s Energy Regulations

Donald Trump Asked For Review On $14 Billion Worth Of Obama’s Energy Regulations

President Donald Trump just introduced massive bombshell news that is set to eradicate Obama’s chaos, left after he was done in Office.

Donald Trump has set his eyes on a $14 billion worth of regulations and decided to inspect them all.

Alongside this, he signed a new executive order which will boost the energy business, all planned for March.

“Deregulation on this scale, more than $14 billion in just one presidential directive, is unseen since the early days of the Reagan Administration,” wrote Sam Batkins, the regulatory policy director at the right-leaning American Action Forum.

“In order for the administration’s regulatory budget to operate, bombshell deregulatory actions like this [executive order] are likely necessary to achieve neutral cost growth,” Batkins wrote in a new report.

At the end of March, Trump instructed the Environmental Protection agency and Department of the Interior to analyze who were decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, oil, and natural gas drilling missions.

The largest target of the EO is the Clean Power Plan. It was the third-most expensive regulation from the Obama Administration and it was designed to save 265 million tons of carbon dioxide and reduce global temperatures by 0.019 Celsius,” Batkins wrote.
Obama’s former directives to the federal agencies were halted. As a contrast, Trump asked the Interior Department rules review in regards to hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas on federal grounds.

According to Batkins, this “addresses $14.6 billion in past rulemakings and more than one million paperwork burden hours.”

All in all, Trump required review of more than $50 billion regulations of Obama.

As per the White House, another 10 major environmental regulations will be reviewed, such as the Clean Power Plan, the “waters of the U.S.” rule, and others.

Currently, Trump asked for a $12 billion worth of Obama’s regulations. He was sued by the Democrats for halting these, but that all resulted in being in vain.

Some of these regulations will be harder to repeal, including the Clean Power Plan.

“To give an estimate of how long it will take to undo, writing the rule originally took roughly 3.8 years to complete,” Batkins wrote. “In other words, with legal challenges, undoing the Clean Power Plan could easily take the entire first term of President Trump.”

What do you think about this? Did Trump make the right call?




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