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Clinton’s Career Buried As Leaked Picture Exposes Dirty Bedroom Deed

Clinton’s Career Buried As Leaked Picture Exposes Dirty Bedroom Deed

Hillary Clinton has practically been in hiding since her humiliating loss against President-elect Donald Trump. However, only a mere week after Election Day, her political career is now dead and buried after a leaked picture exposed a dirty bedroom deed that she will never recover from — and once you see it, neither will you.

A shocking photo has been anonymously released on social media that paints quite the damning picture for the Clintons. In fact, the leaked photo exposes quite the explicit bedroom scene, and it’s not exactly what you’d expect. Depicting a naked Bill Clinton on a bed, it’s who he’s with that seems to be the biggest shock.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed that the man in the photo is Bill Clinton, if it’s not, the person has an uncanny resemblance to the former president. “The photo shows a man resembling Bill Clinton sitting on a bed with a television remote in his left hand as a scantily dressed woman rubs his lower back,” according to The American Mirror. Further confirming the theory is the fact that Bill is left-handed, and the man in the photo is holding the remote in his left hand.

The photo was originally posted by Twitter user @0hour, who explained, “I was sent the pic cant reveal the source they said tweet it happy Monday! (sic)” Of course, if this goes as any other Clinton scandal, we may never know the truth behind the photo.

One user made a bold statement, revealing that the “scantily dressed” woman has a striking resemblance to Julie Tauber, the woman that the Secret Service nicknamed “Energizer.” Perhaps it is her, but the more important question is, “Who took the picture?”

However, this seems like a “too good to be true” type of discovery, and some are calling it fake and offering proof of what it could be. They state that it’s a series of artworks depicting famous celebrities in compromising situations.

If anything, the Clintons have proven themselves to be among the worst liars this nation has ever seen. With sexual deviance, corruption, and deceit running rampant between the two, there’s no wonder why America decided on Donald Trump instead.



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