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BREAKING: Trump Makes Move to CUT Research Funding for Cancer

BREAKING: Trump Makes Move to CUT Research Funding for Cancer

Donald Trump is using steep budget cuts to wage an all-out war against science, and one of the biggest losers will be cancer research programs. Trump’s devastating cuts to the National Institute of Health (NIH) are going to set cancer research back in America by DECADES.

The NIH dispenses billions of dollars to medical research efforts across the nation. Its research grants have made a HUGE difference in pushing the fight against cancer forward in America.

Now, though, Trump is gouging the budget of the NIH in order to allocate more funds to defense spending. Specifically, Trump is officially requesting to reduce the budget of the NIH by an insane sum of $5.8 billion.

Chris Hansen, who heads up the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network, is disgusted by Trump’s proposed cuts to cancer research. Trump is pulling the rug out from underneath our nation’s scientists right when we’re on the cusp of defeating cancer once and for all.

“The proposed reduction in NIH funding of $5.8 billion would represent a significant setback for millions of American cancer patients, survivors and their families,” Hansen said. “It would also dramatically constrain the prospect for breakthrough American medical innovation – an essential American economic driver.”

“We are at the cusp of tremendous breakthroughs in cancer research,” Hansen said. “[It’s] exactly the wrong moment to turn back the clock on progress against a disease that continues to kill more than 1,650 people a day in this country.”

Andrew Rosenberg, who is the leader of the Center for Science and Democracy with the Union of Concerned Scientists, agrees with Hansen. Trump’s cuts to cancer research are going to be a DISASTER.

“I read it a few times again this morning and had to take a few pauses — to bang my head on the table,” Rosenberg said. “As scientists, we make decisions based on evidence. What this budget does is ignore evidence and undermine our very ability to collect it across the board.”

“You are telling young, really talented scientists, scientists we need, that you shouldn’t go into government,” Rosenberg said. “You are signaling to the senior scientists who have the good experience and knowledge, we need to leave.”


“It sends a really chilling signal across the federal government,” he concluded. “And while the public doesn’t see a lot of what people in government do, they are doing public service that helps them and has a real impact on their lives.”

Trump does one outrageous thing after another. But cutting cancer research so deeply is something that should ENRAGE every American.

We can’t lead the free world if we turn our backs on science. Trump is leading America into the past, not into the future.

This madness CANNOT continue. Trump CANNOT be allowed to decimate American cancer research for years to come.

Team Trump WILL answer for the egregious abuses they’ve committed against the American people. We in the Resistance can hasten this process by waging an ALL-OUT awareness campaign aimed at mobilizing millions of Americans against the tyranny of the Trump regime.

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