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BREAKING: Senior Obama Officials Just Testified And Confirmed Obama LIED To Every American – Now Lives Are At Risk!

BREAKING: Senior Obama Officials Just Testified And Confirmed Obama LIED To Every American – Now Lives Are At Risk!

The Syrian chemical attack that happened recently has sparked one yet another Obama controversy. Why was there chemical weapons in Syria? You see, back in 2014, then Secretary of State John Kerry had come out to the public and claimed that a deal had been struck, and that deal included Syria revealing and giving up its chemical weapons for good.

The left was so proud of their accomplishment. Indeed, the Democrats and the Obama administration – even the press –
could do nothing short of self-congratulating themselves over and over on every news media outlet. They threw it in the face of the right and touted that this was yet another of President Obama’s many accomplishments.

I mean, the man took out Bin Laden!

…But that is where the congratulatory effort ends. As it turns out, a leak from the Obama administration has come forward with some disconcerting news. This official that served in the administration has claimed that they “always knew” Assad still had access to chemical weapons – even with their multiple statements of success in confiscating them all.

Tony Blinken was a former deputy secretary of state in Obama’s administration. He was also Obama’s deputy national security adviser. Blinken told the New York Times:

“We always knew we had not gotten everything, that the Syrians had not been fully forthcoming in their declaration.”

It was only back in 2014 that Politifact, the fact-checking website, had taken Kerry’s claims and did their own background investigation. What did they find? PolitiFact ruled Kerry’s claim “mostly true.”

“Kerry said all of Syria’s chemical weapons had been removed. The UN body in charge said that the last of Syria’s declared chemical weapons left the country in late June. There remain, however, some discrepancies in the details of the weapons the Syrians had acknowledged possessing, and some additional work is needed,” they said at the time. “With that qualification, we rate the claim Mostly True.”

…Now as you can tell, the statement made up to this point are not true. At all. John Kerry back in 2014 and Susan Rice in January of 2017, had both confirmed that the chemicals weapons were no longer in the Syrian regime’s hands. According to them, Assad had succumbed to the pressure put to him by the international community to give up his chemical weapons.

Susan Rice had been on the left’s favorite program, NPR, to give them assurance:

“We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”

The strike that was conducted under the Trump administration had a tremendous effect, not only on Syria but also other countries who will not be named…Okay, fine, North Korea! It was a sign of strength, and a signal that was loud and clear: We’re back.

According to the American Interest:

“If this strike was arranged to avoid hitting sarin storage facilities, the question arises: did the Obama Administration know that such depots still existed after its “historic” deal that supposedly removed all Syria’s chemical weapons?”

“The signs point to yes. In Congressional testimony last February, Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper acknowledged “gaps and inconsistencies in Syria’s declaration,” validating reports that Syria was still hiding banned chemicals at undisclosed locations. And on its way out the door in January of this year, the Obama Treasury quietly introduced new sanctions against Syrian officials involved in chemical warfare. Buried in the language sanctioning a particular official was a telling admission: ‘As of 2016, Abbas has continued operating at locations in Syria associated with chemical warfare-related missions.’”

“Whether or not the Obama Administration knew of this particular sarin facility, then, they clearly knew that Syrians were still clinging to their stockpiles at several locations.”

Gone are the days of false red lines and weakness. Many on the left, even those that served under the Obama administration have praised the move by Trump and even thanked him. Like Anne-Marie Slaughter, and official from Obama’s time. She expressed it on her twitter page.

At least 70 people – men, women, and children – were slaughtered without any remorse by the regime, and for what? What possible good could this have done? Nothing. It’s brought down the condemnation of the world on the Assad regime, and also brought down 59 bombs. So far the conflict in Syria has been raging for six year, with no sign of stopping. The red lines drawn by Obama were as useless and pathetic then as they are now.

There will be no more drawing of lines, not with this administration. I think it’s safe to say that with the folks that President Trump has appointed – McMaster and Mattis – to lead our defenses, we are in good hands.




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