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Barack Obama to return to the political limelight with a series of paid and unpaid speeches

Barack Obama to return to the political limelight with a series of paid and unpaid speeches

Former President Obama is set to make his first appearance in public after leaving the Oval Office, at a town hall in Chicago on Monday. The event will be held on the campus of the University of Chicago, close to where Barack’s presidential library will be located.

“This event is part of President Obama’s post-presidency goal to encourage and support the next generation of leaders driven by strengthening communities around the country and the world,” said Obama’s office in a statement.

This address will be the commencement of a sequence of appearances that Obama will make in the next several months. At the beginning of May, Obama will visit Boston to receive the Profile in Courage Award at the John F. Kennedy Library.

Later in May, Obama is scheduled to make paid and unpaid addresses in Europe. On May 27, the former President will deliver a speech at Berlin’s notable Brandenburg Gate along with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Obama spoke to hundreds of thousands in Berlin during his first speech as president back in 2008.

In late January, Obama expressed pride in Americans who came out in protest of President Donald Trump’s temporary travel and immigration ban.

At the end of January, Barack showed pride in Americans who objected President Trump’s temporary travel ban on people traveling from several majority-Muslim nations that are also known terror hotbeds.

Obama also made a statement to support Obamacare past month as the Republican Congress members were looking for ways to repeal it.

According to some officials who spoke to the New York Times, Obama does not intend to rebuke President Trump openly in any of his approaching speeches, but it is to be expected of him to share his opinions on Trump’s work so far.

The first African-American president and his wife Michelle declared at the lunch of the Obama Foundation in January not long after moving out of the White House.

“More than a library or museum, it will be a living, working center for citizenship,” remarked Obama of the facility housing the foundation, that will be on Chicago’s South Side. “That’s why we want to hear from you. Tell us what you want this project to be.”

Now the Obama Foundation will “focus on developing the next generation of citizens — and what it means to be a good citizen in the 21st century,” revealed the Foundation’s website,

It is being sponsored partly by one of the billionaire backers to the Clinton Foundation.




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