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Assange On Twitter: I Am Enjoying Being One Of Its Deplorables

Assange On Twitter: I Am Enjoying Being One Of Its Deplorables

Wikileaks founder already stated many times that he is only after the truth and he is not in a direct conflict with Hillary Clinton or the Democratic Party! However, he also hinted many times that he will expose everyone who has done something wrong and if Wikileaks have that kind of information the world will see it!

Assange has made WikiLeaks a factor in the 2016 race by threatening information leaks involving both Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As for the wealth of leaked info on Team Clinton and the fact that WikiLeaks published nothing about Donald Trump, Assange explained that they simply didn’t get any relevant material on the GOP nominee.

Today Julian Assange has proudly declared himself a “deplorable” on Twitter, aligning himself with the American mainstream who have had their country all but stolen from them by a metropolitan, globalist elite.

Assange criticized Twitter’s verification process, accusing them of operating a class system that favors the liberal elite and punishes anyone who opposes the creeping status quo of totalitarianism, adding, “Twitter has binary class system with proximity to power represented by ‘blue tick’ insignia. I am enjoying being one of its deplorables.

Twitter usually verifies celebrities and accounts “determined to be of public interest” with a “blue tick”, letting users know that it is the official account of the individual or company.

Though WikiLeaks and the WikiLeaks Task Force accounts are verified, Assange, one of the most prominent public figures in the world, has been repeatedly denied a verification badge on his own account despite repeated attempts to get Twitter to verify him.

“This is absurd,” Assange tweeted at CEO Jack Dorsey on Wednesday, along with a screenshot of Twitter’s verification rejection. “We’ve been trying to verify this account since early October.”

Hillary Clinton unleashed the fury of the silent majority at a September fundraiser in New York last year when she insulted “half” of America, going as far as to say that they are “irredeemable.”

“To just be grossly generalistic, you can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables,” Clinton said, in an unguarded moment that exposed her for what she really is!

So what do you think is Assange part of the Deplorables?




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