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BOOM: The Truth Every Bernie Sanders Fan Needs to See

Kimberly Morin reports on just how delusional the so called ‘democratic socialists’ truly are:

Morons on the left want to make Socialism look good. They are nothing but delusional twits.In case you missed it, Socialism leads to Communism. Over 100 million people have died in the name of Communism. That’s what Socialists want.

Gotta love how they claim the wealthy produce nothing. How the hell do you think they got wealthy you ignorant tools??

Oh and in case you didn’t know, the 1% consists of those making just $300,000 and up. It’s not just millionaires and billionaires.
The 1% are regular Moms and Dads who work their asses off to provide for their families.

Socialists hate them.

Since we know that unions destroyed the steel industry and are destroying the auto industry all while destroying public education, why the hell would anyone want ‘the people’ aka unions to control businesses???

Unions are a failed experiment in Socialism – eventually the best worker becomes no better than the worst worker. Who suffers? The producers and consumers.

What’s truly sad is these Socialists aren’t for human development at all. THEY will be the kings. They just won’t tell you that.


Hitler was a Socialist. How’d that work out again?

Mussolini, the Father of Fascism, was a lifelong radical Socialist. How’d that work out again?

Every place that Socialism has been tried proves it is a failure. See Venezuela for a modern day failure as an example.
Workers don’t control the economy under Socialism. Typically, a dictator does and then they go down the murderous road of Communism.

We have hundreds of years of examples that prove Socialism is a failure yet we still have morons in the United States who think it looks great on paper.

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